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  KBS TV문학관 제1편 김유정의 산골나그네 part2 close reading 스타일표현 한영번역후, 캐나다현지 원어민감수
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산골나그네 part2 close reading 스타일표현 한영번역후, 캐나다현지 원어민감수
KBS TV문학관 제1편 김유정의 산골나그네 1:04:36
날 못 믿어요? 난 그런 배반 안 해요. (작은 목소리로 흐음…) 속임수 좋다.
You don’t trust me? I’d never wouldn’t betray you like that. (In a small voicemuttering…) It’s just like him to He would fall for something like this.
(저 멀리서 순임이 뛰어오며 크게 외치는 소리로) 아저씨...!  아저씨…! 아저씨, 저 왔어유. 순임이유
(Soonim, yelling while is running towards him from the distance and yelling) Mister….! Mister…! Mister, I’ am here. It’s me, Here is Soonim!.
이그, 아유, 아유
아니, 아저씨 어딜 갈려고 혔어유? 혼자서 질 떠나실려구유? 틀림없이 지 순임이여유. 배고프셨지유? 밥 얻어 왔어유. 아저씨.
Hey, where are you trying to go? Are you tryingYou’re trying to leave me alone? I am Soonim. Aren’t you hungry? I got you something for you to eat.
헛가식 떨지 마!
Don’t be pretentious!
너 도망치다가 돌아왔지? 도망치다가 길을 잘못 들어서 돌아왔지? 도망치다가 노상 위에서 겁이 나서 안 죽을려고 돌아 왔지?
Weren’t you just running away? but And now you decided to come back? You were running away and went ended up going in the wrong direction. So you were got scared and decided to come back, right?
왜 그런 말씀을 허서유? 어서 앉아서 밥 드서유.
Why do you say that? Please have a seat and have take some.
근데 왜 이제 와?
Then what took you so long?
놔주질 않아서유. 지도 속 타 죽을 뻔혔어유.
She did not let me go. I was worried, too.
마음씨 좋은 아줌니가유.
A kind lady.
왜 안 놔줘?
Why didn’t she let you go?
그냥 질 뜨면 큰일 난대유. 날씨 풀리면 길 뜨래유. 자, 어서 밥 잡숴유.
She said it would be dangerous for me to leave right away. She told me to wait until the weather gets got better. Hurry, have some.
나랑 동행이란 말 안 했지?
You did not tell anyone you are were with me?
어서 밥 잡숴유. 밥 식어유. 천천히 많이 드세유. 얼마든지 있으니께유.
Please eat first. It will go get cold. Eat it slowly, but and make sure you take enough. We have plenty.
내가 황소여?
Am I a cow?
고삐에 끌리듯 퉁소 끝에 잡혀서 너한테 끌려 댕기니까 내가 황소여? 한꺼번에 왕창 먹어대고, 되새김질허는 황소냔 말이여.
You are pulling me and taking me around with you like a cow tied with a rope. You think I am a cow, just eating a lot at once and regurgitating?
(그때 폐가 밖 논밭에서 황소 울음 소리가 들린다) 음매에에...
(A cow is cryingcries in a field outside the abandoned house) Moo…
(순임이 입을 가리며 작은 목소리로 웃는다)
(Soonim covers her mouth and laughs)
(상상하는 배경에 맞는 음악이 흐른다. (소울음소리) “음매에에...” 순임이 밖을 보며 순임을 흠모하는 덕돌이와 소를 몰며 논을 지나며 행복한 모습을 상상하며미소 짓는다)
(Music plays in the background while she is imagininglost in her thoughts. (cow cries in the back) “Moo…” Soonin looks outside and imagines that Deokdol, who loves her, and sheis herding cattle with her and enjoying their spending time together. Thinking this, she and smiles).
어딜 갔어?
Where are you?
아이, 지 여기 있어유.
Oh, I am here!.
그런데 왜 놀래?
Why are you surprised?
지 혼자 웃고 있는데 별안간 아저씨가.
I was just laughing and you came.
너 웃고 있었어?
Were you laughing?

소리도 안 내고 웃어?
You were laughing without making any noise?

내가 있는 것도 잊어버리고, 소리 없이 혼자서 웃어대는 이유가 뭐여?
What made you forget that I am was with you, and then made you laugh alone?
아이, 저... 야, 아저씨가 내가 황소냐고 하니께. 그 말이 그냥 우스웠슈.
Ah, I mean.. Yes, you asked if I think thought you weare a cow. I thought that was funny.
그럼 ‘호호’허고, 소리 내서 웃어도 되잖여.
You could have made some a sound and if you were laughing.
I am sorry.
에이그. 밥 챙겨. 이따 너랑 같이 먹게.
Pack the food. I will eat with you later.
지는 또 가봐야 혀유.
I have to go back.
뭐이? 또 가?
What? You have to leave again?
밥 또 얻어와야 안 굶쥬.
I have to go and get more food so we do not starve.


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